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Schuricht is back! (SC011 is in stock).  


Thanks to the many requests, it has been possible to have These great Concert Hall Recordings again.


The Art of Robert Casadesus with the addition of Mozart's Piano Concerto No.23 will be soon available as SC816 and a new cover image.


Maria Yudina is already available and soon will be in the UK shops also.


The next project: The complete Haydn Symphonies, No.1 to 104 plus the Concertante (105) and those named "A" & "B" (107 and 108) on 33 CDs. The conductor is Märzendorfer, the first to record the entire cycle.


Before you ask:

No, we did not manage to find the original tapes if they ever still exist....

Musical Heritage Society was bought by Passionato in 2011, I read and the latter seems to have ceased business a few years ago (I could not find any accurate information on its "disappearance"), hence the sources are good old vinyl  :)


Soon available:

-> A 4CD set, small homage to Bernstein at100

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