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SCRIBENDUM’s choice of repertoire is dictated primarily by those most fine and intense recordings and performances sought after by discerning collectors and classical music lovers who demand high quality recordings, selected repertoire and stunning original artwork design.


The policy of our independent label, is to offer a good selection of recordings from artists’ repertoires; “The Art of…” releases present a just and representative portrait of each individual artist, rather than pretend to publish the complete edition of the artist’s material and, if possible, to include rare or unavailable recordings.


Where possible, original artwork is used along with original sound sources. For the digital re-mastering SCRIBENDUM chooses world class studios, such as Abbey Road, Giraffe Production and 10th Planet D.M.


Many of the recordings released by SCRIBENDUM have been awarded prestigious acknowledgments, including the Diapason d’Or, Gramophone Choice and 10 of Repertoire.


SCRIBENDUM focuses on quality rather than quantity and this is why its releases are limited to a carefully selected number of master recordings in single or boxed set formats, with the purpose of keeping such masterpieces alive and recognizable amongst the plethora of chaotic themed and un-themed releases that flood the modern market.


SCRIBENDUM maintains that music is an Art and as such treats its “products” with respect and not as if handling and selling tins of tuna.


Our record label, “SCRIBENDUM”, derives its name from the Latin verb, “scribere”, meaning, “to write”.

“SCRIBENDUM”, describes something that one ought to write and it is therefore a creative direction, exhorting us to go and record (write down) the great masterpieces in recorded music that might otherwise be lost.

The SCRIBENDUM record label is devoted to reissuing masterpieces and archive treasures from the Golden Age of the LPs, mainly through licensing deals with the copyright owners.



                      was formed in the year 2000.

Initially distributed by SilverOak Music Entertainment, in 2004 it was acquired by Giorgio Cuppini, formerly head of EMI Classics Italy, a veteran of the music industry for over 30 years and who subsequently founded

                                    SCRIBENDUM LTD.