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New release: The Art of Eduard van Beinum, This vast collection of orchestral works provides a valuable portrait of van Beinum

The set includes a wide-ranging selection of his Decca, Philips, and live recordings

Van Beinum was especially renowned for valuing the mental health of his orchestra, encouraging a cheerful and friendly atmosphere amongst the musicians who adored him for this different and humble style

His nurturing approach to conducting, combined with his solid musicianship, reaps tangible rewards to delight the listener




Our latest releases:


Felix Slatkin,

the most comprehensive display yet of Slatkins’ rich and diverse repertoire.

His recording of Offenbach’s Gaîté Parisienne (included here) won a Grammy Award in 1958.


Anatoly Vedernikov,

a tribute to Vedernikov’s pianism, incomprehensibly still not widely known

He was the first performer in Russia of Prokofiev’s Concerto for the left hand and Ustvolskaya’s second Sonata (dedicated to Anatoly); both works are included here.


Carmen Dragon,

the most comprehensive collection of his recordings. His arrangements are considered to be amongst the most dramatic ever produced.


 Rosa Tamarkina,

one of the most talented young pianists of the 20th century.

Her career started aged thirteen and was sadly truncated prematurely when she developed cancer and died at just 30 years old.


Vladimir Sofronitsky,

whose memory and art, in Maria Yudina's words, "belong to all of us forever".

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