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New releases:

Igor Markevitch

(Stereo recordings 1958-1972)

An extensive array of  Markevitch’s stereo recordings spanning from 1958 to 1972

This set celebrates the maestro’s attention to detail and his great respect for the dynamics, rhythm and orchestral colour of the score

Willem Mengelberg with the

Concertgebouw Orchestra

A unique collection of Philips, Columbia and Telefunken recordings, with some works represented twice, to allow the listener to appreciate Mengelberg’s different interpretations of the same composition

The Art of Josef Krips

(Stereo recordings 1956-1965)

This set helps us to learn about Krips, a conductor who was a vital force in music making and one of the most outstanding exponents of the Viennese school of conducting



Maria Yudina,

Is available.

Not in person, of course, but still celebrated and 'alive' through her wonderful recordings in our twentisix CD-set SC813






Due to the UK leaving the single market, deliveries to our friends in the EU countries will be subjected to the same rules that apply to the rest of the world.  


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